We specialise in strategic and operational advisory

Research and development

We conduct the following projects:

  • Research on diagnosis of organizations
  • Research on development of services and social innovation programmes
  • Research on impact of Management by Values on building a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Research on creativity impact on development of strategic skills, based on Design Thinking methodology
  • Research on digital competences

Cooperation with Kurhaus Publishing

Since 2011 we have been cooperating with Kurhaus Publishing that offer business and economic publications extremely valuable in our business and cooperation with our Clients. Kurhaus presents world-class business and sociological literature that describes the mechanisms ruling the economy and politics in professional and interesting way. Many publications gained the interest of our Clients, including "Antifragile" and "Black Swan" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, "Fault Lines" by Raghuram Rajan, "The Next 100 Years. Leading Economists Predict The Future” by Ignacio Palcios- Huerta. Together with the Kurhaus Publishing we also organise cultural events for business.

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