We specialise in strategic and operational advisory

Strategic advisory

We help our Clients to formulate and implement strategies and take right business decisions. We conduct consulting projects and services based on our original methodology MasConsulting Delivery Framework. Through our research and diagnosis we can comprehensively assess and improve business and technological aspects. Based on the process of conducting the diagnosis of organization, we introduce changes and develop tools to support management, improve the company’s efficiency and cost optimisation. Our goal is long-term, sustainable success of our Clients.

We conduct the following projects:

  • Operational advisory
  • Diagnosis of organisation
  • Building company’s strategy: vision and core values, strategic and operational goals
  • Restructuring and strategic reorganisation
  • Study of processes in the organisation to search for improvements and eliminate unprofitable and inefficient areas
  • Implementation of process management
  • Creating new operational models
  • Effective change management
  • Building financial and managerial models
  • Developing tools to improve the quality of provided services, efficiency and cost optimisation
  • IT Consulting - technological support
  • Advisory on IT efficiency management
  • Advisory on IT architecture management
  • Improvement of information security
  • Streamlining business processes with IT solutions
  • Operational risk management


We specialise in the assessment and valuation processes, business strategies and related technologies. We also conduct the analysis prior to investment and ROI analysis for various industries from retail to production, finance and banking services, media, business process outsourcing and new technologies.

We conduct the following projects:

  • Analysis of the competitive environment, financial risk and business challenges
  • Operational audits (management audits, audits peparing to implement the controlling model, audits of proper costs allocation)
  • Risk assessment and operational risk management
  • Risk assessment technology
  • Personal audits and analysis of competence potential

Human Capital Management

People are the most valuable potential of each company. Therefore proper human capital management is essential for company's proper functioning. Nowadays not only skills, knowledge, rules and procedures are the most important elements. There are also other aspects, such as understanding the role in the company, employees' level of commitment and their right attitude to work.

We conduct the following projects:

  • Creating tools to conduct the process of employees’ evaluation and development, building succession plans
  • Building competency models and integrated human resources management system
  • Creating tools to support management processes and support programmes for executives
  • Implementing tools for effective internal communication process
  • Analysis of organisational barriers in employees’ development and building plans of changes
  • Survey on employees’ satisfaction and commitment
  • Research on organisational culture
  • Creating environment for development of social innovation

Mentoring & Coaching

We create and implement mentoring programmes and support leaders using coaching methodology. This is an effective method to release people's potential on their way to achieve goals. Through our programmes we create the opportunity for independent search of creative solutions and overcoming barriers. We help define the career path; motivate to take action and right decisions.

Mentoring is a relationship, meeting with another person, adventure and natural process of developing two parties. Mentoring creates opportunities to secure business continuity in organizations, transfer of knowledge and building succession plans. Its effectiveness is measured by achievements, valuation of implementation level and satisfaction from completed plans or changes. To reach these goals there is a need for an action plan. We create tools that support mentoring processes in the organisation, help determine what Clients want to achieve and how they would like to do: what resources and tools will be needed, what other actions can be introduced.

Workshops & Trainings

We have experience in conducting workshops based on our unique methodology. We use a variety of techniques that enable participants to improve leadership skills, expand their knowledge, develop creative skills and find out about the latest trends and best practices.

We conduct the following workshops:

  • Leadership development
  • Design Thinking - project management
  • Talent management
  • Building a personal brand and a company's brand
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Developing managerial competences
  • Communication and problem solving in teams
  • Effective change management
  • Workshops developing creative thinking skills

Lectures & Seminars

We conduct lectures and seminars during conferences and company's important events to share our knowledge and experience and also to present the latest global trends, studies and publications. We conduct regular lectures at the Warsaw School of Economics.

We conduct the following seminars:

  • Building commitment
  • Leadership development
  • Design Thinking - innovative project management
  • Building a personal brand and a company's brand
  • Management through values
  • Diagnosis of the organization to implement strategic changes in the organisation

MasConsulting Art & Business specialise in projects that combine art and business. We generate a new approach to management of the organisation, increase employees' creative skills and bring a new insight into functioning of the company.

We conduct consulting projects, workshops and trainings aimed at taking advantage of unique opportunities of art and business combination, creativity development and innovative approach to management.

We cooperate with different art and culture institutions, Sotheby's Institute of Art and also with interesting and inspiring artists, painters, architects, designers, actors, musicians and various authorities from art and culture world who are a great support in implementation of our programmes. Our goal is to show how art can influence creativity development, employees' commitment and how it builds values that differentiate the company and creates its uniqueness.

Through our Art & Business projects we discovered that:

  • Modern, global business uses art and culture as the way to differentiate and build competitive advantage
  • Today’s leaders implement creative methods in their strategic activities
  • Organisations in XXI century need to strengthen new competences
  • Art applied in a strategic and operational way serves as an instrument for shaping employees' management and development

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